Saturday, 29 November 2014

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Surprisingly just Butch and Sundance out today, I take it the wet roads and draw of Christmas shopping kept the rest at bay. I had a vague memory, from late on during wedding celebrations in Edinburgh last weekend, of a recommended cafe in Waringstown. I was a little vague on the details, but I knew a bridesmaid wouldn't lie to me....

Butch plotted a course taking us through Purdysburn, Drumbo,... Hillsborough, Blackscull, Donaghcloney and then via Hall Road to Waringstown. There we called at the Post House Cafe and found its under new ownership, so it is the right place. It was a great find and a nice alternative to the Killyleagh/Balloo/White Rocks routes and somewhere we'll be back.

Coming out of the cafe I was half expecting to be "greeted" by 500 Mexican soldiers, but instead we had a chat with one of Butch's work colleagues. Alive, we took Mill Rd and New Forge Rd towards Magheralin, then on to Orange Lane. I wasn't paying a lot of attention and seeing as it was just us desperadoes, I let Butch drag us a bit further away from home, cutting back via Culcavey and Ravarnet.

After keeping it nice and steady all day, we took in the climbs of Lisnoe Rd and Gardners Road to get the heart rates up, although two pretty bad run-ins with dogs lifted them even higher. Butch nearly lost an ankle and I braced for a Rottweiler impact at one stage.... Another fun day out and quality winter training. It was a little further than usual for a Saturday, but worth it.


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