Monday, 17 November 2014

Dirty Dozen

We had a Dirty Dozen out today including two newcomers, Derek and Derek. Also on duty were Capt, Retro, The Chairman, Nightmare, Miley, the Bullet, Philip, Lanterne, Jeff and Berg. I'd planned the route based on a North East wind and the idea of an extra loop for the hardmen - it almost worked out perfect.

The route was as simple as our average rider - through town, out the Shore Road, up the Doagh Rd and along Upper Road to the far side of Carrickfergus. A right and left towards Barrycarry and then on to Islandmagee. It turned into a beautiful morning and we were rewarded with beautiful scenery. Derek, Derek and Lanterne took the option to turn right for Whitehead and locate a coffee stop, while the rest of us turned right to hit the hills.

Jeff, Miley, Bullet and Retro gave it full gas while the rest of us used our brains. Capt knew the way and guided us from Lower Rd (which seemed pretty high to me) on to Middle Rd. Retro, Miley and Bullet decided to pay Portmuck and its 20% climb a visit and set up a roadblock in front of me in Mullaghboy to make sure I got split from the group. In the absence of photographic evidence I don't even believe they did it! The rest of us took the road round by the Gobbins with stunning views to Whitehead, where we joined up with the others in the Old Tea Rooms.

Refuelled we aimed for a direct hit on Belfast via the shoreline. With the exception of Islandmagee it wasn't the most inspiring route - busy roads by our standards, but it allowed us to keep things together and knowing we have a coffee stop in that area opens up a few more options for the future.

Ride of the day goes to Retro who kicked ass with riders well over 30yrs his junior - respect! Finally a belated Happy Birthday to MTB Girl, have to get you out soon


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