Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Victory Over the Odds

Today was a victory over the odds. Anyone who saw me at the Christmas night out would've given 100/1 that I wouldn't make it out this morning, and anyone who saw me this morning would've given 1000/1 that I wouldn't take Sam for the 30's on the way home. Sometimes it just works out....

After being on good behaviour last night Retro and Bones were looking bright and breezy at Forster Green. Bullet had missed us last week so was determined to be early this time. I was a bit under par, but determined to push through.... I also decided to opt out of navigating as I helplessly swung off the back up through Carryduff and out to Ballynahinch (thanks Bones for pacing me back).

As my head cleared I decided it was about time we got off the busy main road and called a left into Drumaness. Right in the village took us to Brennan's where we crossed on to New Line Rd and Tannaghmore Rd. We turned on to Demesne Rd and Manse Rd eventually following Druncaw Rd and Dromara Rd. The plan was for me to lead out the start of a session into Dundrum, but clearly I was still underpowered and Bullet didn't wait long before taking off.

After getting in out of the cold and consuming some rejuvenating bacon we saddled up again and doubled back as far as Claragh Rd. Just for kicks we took Drumquoile Rd before turning right down Cauleys Pipe Rd which took us round to Carnreagh Rd (a hidden gem), then down Drumgavlin Rd and in the back way to Spa. At this point the rain started and we goretexed up for the final push home down the main road from Ballynahinch.

Bullet is too young to have met the late Davey McCall and therefore missed out on his advice of "never tow a sprinter to the line", but he knows now.... Thanks to everyone for looking after me in the first hour. Good training and a great hangover cure.


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