Saturday, 20 December 2014

Two (un)Wise Men

Two wise men (some would say not wise) left the east, there was no bright star to follow only the bright sun of a perfect winters day and the lure of coffee.
Being so close to Christmas and with it being "Panic Saturday", Retro man and I were a bit pushed for time. A quick plan was formulated with a coffee stop around "crazy daves" or Killyeagh.
The route was a simple enough one, up the Saintfield Road to Carryduff, swing a left towards Saintfield and along the Lisdoonan Road. From Saintfield we threw in a few of Bergmeister's speciality wiggles and also a few of Retros recommendations, popping out in Crossgar. We then turned towards Shrigley, heading for Killinchy. Our coffee stop was called at The Muffler as we decided "crazy daves" might be choca block. How wrong we were, on arrival it looked as if every cyclist in County Down was here. Great to see so many bikes, a sure sign that coffee is good!!
After second breakfast we ventured home along the Ballybunden Road, Ballygowan and Moneyreagh.
Nice to be back out on the bike again after the dreaded doom and what a cracking day.
Looking forward to seeing everyone out tomorrow with their tinsel, the plan is to stop somewhere for a festive lunch or panini and possibly a pint.


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