Sunday, 4 January 2015

Bullet and the Beast

I spent most of today between the Bullet and the Beast, but despite a sore throat and icy roads I actually enjoyed it. Seven of us left Forster Greens with the intention to go to Castlewellan, but seeing the ice on the back roads caused a change of plan. We picked up couple of strays on the road up to Carryduff who were meeting a group at Real Cycles, or maybe they picked up us, Hannibal also had another plan and turned at Ballynahinch leaving six.
Michael was out with us for the first time looked a bit concerned about the pace and diminishing numbers, but with some friendly advice soon settled in. Retro fancied a trip to the Olive Bizarre in Newcastle and with Nitemare in full coach mode we were "encouraged" to push hard. After Dundrum Michael was starting to cramp a little, so I backed off with him to allow the others to keep working hard. Regrouped over coffee we talked the usual rubbish, said hello to the gnome and saddled up again.
We decided to try the road to Bryansford, still working pretty hard and doing regular turns. From there we risked the Burrenbridge Rd which was a bit too icy for comfort, but took us across to Castlewellan. Then it was the traditional route to Spa and Ballynahinch, before a final blast back to Carryduff. Along the way we saw the Chairman who gave us a royal wave, well some sort of hand jesture anyway....
Not the most original of routes, but safe and a great first ride from Michael. Everyone stuck together really well, while still getting a couple of chances to stretch the legs. All with a bit of sunshine and no rain - good stuff.
Here's a link to our ride on strava:


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