Saturday, 10 January 2015

Humble Pie

This morning started with a text conversation with Nitemare. Even with a photo he couldn't believe it was pouring at his house and blue skies at mine, but that's how it was. I need the miles, so I was determined to head out and was relieved at Forster Greens to meet Retro and Jeremy who I've only ever ridden beside indoors at a spinning class.
 Jeff then rolled up, making it out for the first time in over 6 weeks after being the innocent victim of a "Ronin" style car chase, which left him seriously battered and bruised. I was going to make Ronin his nickname, but after seeing the intensity of his suffering later in the day I've decided to christen him De Niro - impressive work after a long lay off on such a windy day.
We headed out the carriageway and over Shaw's Bridge, past Lady Dixon's and out to Sandy Lane. Through Hilden and Lisburn to the Maze. Across Down Royal and along Route 9 to Moira. All the way we were fighting into a block headwind, but we managed to duck behind the hedges and zig-zag into it. From Moira we headed to Magheralin and turned on to Orange Lane finally getting the wind behind us. De Niro was pulling some serious faces, not because anyone was pushing the pace, just because six weeks of painkillers, rest and Christmas indulgence isn't ideal preparation.
We headed on over Red Hill to the Ballygowan Rd and into Hillsborough. There we stopped at Humble Pie which was a new one on me. As we left we felt a few flakes of snow and decided to take the straight-ish road to Carryduff. The cold meant the views were beautiful, but I was glad to be well wrapped up.
I was really pleased I headed out and counted it as a real bonus ride after such a bad forecast overnight. Hopefully we'll have more good weather for the return of the Lites tomorrow.


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