Sunday, 25 January 2015

Just The Two Of Us

 We learnt two things about Nitemare today 1) he is mad as a hatter (88 brutal miles in January!) and 2) more surprisingly he can write! This is his account with minor editing - I think he was still in attack mode.... Just to reassure people, this is NOT a typical January Sunday run, just two crazies!!!! Ps he called it "Just the two of us" (I hope Hannibal doesn't get jealous!)

Right … mess at start … FATs rebellion … thinking of their tan lines in Gran Canaria next week possibly!?? Anyhow, secondary plan to hit the Mournes via the A24 to Newcastle and A2 Kilkeel ... that gives you about 44 miles prior to grub stop (Café Eclipse, nice Hot Choccy). Average to there was 17.7mph into a tough headwind. Fair do’s to Michael who hung in until after Ballynahinch but I knew he was turning anyways after about 20 miles or so, so well done him for NOT wavering and having a go! Retro .... is a determined 60 year old and I knew he would “hang tough” on the wheel and YES he did venture to take the lead several times giving me a welcome drink break.

After grub it was the Mournes via the B27 Moyad Road to the “Top of the Mournes” at 1440ft! Then fast descent out of the gloom to Bryansford and then right up to Castlewellan. Another “sugar” stop for Retro and we headed homeward via Spa and Ballynahinch and on up to Carryduff. A 90 mile day with an average of 18.2mph … thanks Retro for the company even if I didn’t see you much, but much kudos to you for not missing the FULL FATS and not being semi-skimmed!!
Nitemare …


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