Saturday, 3 January 2015

Tranquilo Tranquilo

This morning looked overcast, but soon brightened to a beautiful winters day. Six of us rolled up at Forster Green, although three were either recovering from or coming down with some kind of bug. On that basis we decided to keep away from big climbs and keep it tranquilo tranquilo.
We cruised out the carriageway, then along the Kings Road, before turning into the lanes on to Greengraves Rd. Someone forgot the tranquilo bit and Captain asked if we knew the Klingon for steady, as the English version clearly wasn't getting through.... Over the carriageway we took Ballyrogan Rd, Ballybarnes Rd and down Andersonstown Hill to Mountain Rd.
From Ards we climbed round the front of Scrabo then meandered back to Ballystockart. I took Brian straight to Comber along the Glen Road, while the other four continued along the Ballystockart Rd and in to Ballygowan. Judging by the state of them when they reached the Georgian House, they must have hammered back to Comber and were ready for some apple & cinnamon scones.
The route home took us out towards Ballygowan, then left for Moneyreagh. Through the village then up Mossbrook road for Nitemare to revisit the scene of his near castration. Finally along the Clontnacally Rd home.
A lovely sunny morning with a little, but not too much work. Hopefully the result will be cure, not kill and everyone will be back to full strength soon.  


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