Saturday, 24 January 2015

Wild at the Seaside

Four go wild at the seaside - Another icy morning meant another day of salt air. This time Bones, Hannibal, Nightmare and me headed straight along the carriageway (including a spell behind Motoman and a spell abusing Lanterne for being in a car). From Knock straight across the Upper Newtownards Rd to Ards - it's a long time since we took the main road all the way, but it just wasn't worth taking risks.
The pace was brisk, but steady as we all took long turns down the inside of the Peninsula. Other than the cold, the weather was perfect and kept the mood upbeat.
After Kircubbin we turned inland to get away from traffic and took Rubane Rd, Manse Rd, Glastry Rd and Tubber Rd looping back to the other side of Kircubbin. I'm sure we could've found another way to come back out further north, but Nightmare did a great job of showing us new roads. Pausing only for the daftest photo I've ever taken - not my idea - we headed homewards.
On MTB Girl's recommendation we stopped at Harrisons outside Greyabbey, where Hannibal and Nightmare struck up a bromance over hot chocolate complete with marshmallows and malteasers. In wasn't a huge surprise when one of MTB Girls good friends turned up just as we finished, so we hung on and gave Fluoro Chick (self-named) a bit of company home.
As I sung Sinitta's biggest hit on his wheel, Nightmare lifted the pace and we flew back into Ards. By this stage we reckoned Bradshaw's Brae would have defrosted and worked our way up giving everyone a final test of fitness. Back onto main roads we cruised home with everyone smiling.


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