Sunday, 8 February 2015

8 in a row

If 7 days in a row is good for you, 8 in a row must be even better!!!! That's the kind of stupidly flawed logic that people like Hannibal and me apply at 3:30am. Hence the two of us rolled up (me late, sorry) praying for a quiet one.

The roads around the Four Winds were still icy, so the plan was to seek the salt air and stop in Bangor. With two of the normal routemeisters subdued things were a little confusing, but after traversing the carriageway we rode along the Old Holywood Rd and then cut from the bottom of Creightons Green Rd on to Whinney Hill. It turned out a good choice, stretching everyone but breaking no one.

We continued towards the George, then left to the carriageway and round the Bangor ring road. We headed out towards Donaghadee then swung left through Groomsport and back to Ballyholme. Hannibal recommended Garfunkels and used his charm to get us all squeezed in. I think Flashdance had ridden on, but we still had Hannibal, the Terminator, De Niro, Resurrection, Lanterne, Darragh, Philip, Brian, Mark, Derek and Jeremy. In the absence of a cafe con leche I settled for a cappuccino while others indulged in fries, pancakes and bagels.

Homeward bound someone lead us out towards Carrowdore, enjoying the sunshine. We then swung back to Ards with the promise of a free-for-all up Bradshaw's Brae. Seeing Hannibal and De Niro set a nice steady temple I thought it was time to lob in a hand grenade and split things up. Mission accomplished it was great to see Darragh up at the pointy end. From there we rolled down the Upper Newtownards Rd and waited for riders to peel off. Finally it was down to three Colombians (we live at altitude) to struggle up the Cairnshill Rd.

Cold, but dry and bright. A different route and different coffee stop - a recipe for a good morning out. Time for bed now.


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