Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Dollop of Cream on Top

We don't do Lite on tour, we don't even do Semi-Skimmed, we do Full Fat with a dollop of cream on top.... We arrived late last night and somehow missed out on water and breakfast food, so we took the amazing coast road round to Puerto Rico for breakfast (two in some cases).
The weather was perfect and even undershirts came off as we turned inland from Puerto Mogan, climbing through El Hornirillo and then turning right onto the GC605. We reckoned it was 23k of climbing from there, so I was kinda surprised when all four of my teammates started attacking it at the pace they go up the 300yd Valverde Hill outside Ballynahinch. I reckoned I would see one or two again before the top!

Thanks to a broken gear cable 1st Cat (the one who works in a bike shop) only had two gears - fair play - thanks to a bit of ingenuity and the bottle cage mounts at least he had his choice of which two gears.

At the top we stopped for lunch, before catching the GC60 all the way home - whoever designed that road was clearly a bikie, although the two major kickers showed they had a sense of humour. Everyone rode brilliantly and most importantly kept it save. Looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow.

PS thanks to Hannibal's good lady for the amazing villa find - way too good for the likes of us! PPS Bullet is now called Clarkson on account of his obsession with POWER.


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