Sunday, 8 March 2015

Big Hitters

This was my first run back with the big hitters and I'm a little sleepy.... The wind was blowing strong from the west so the plan was to head out through Lisburn through Ballinderry to Oxford Island. Again the plan was to keep it steady and the Lites onboard until Ballinderry, but like Michael Caine in the Italian Job I found there was a bit too much dynamite and rather than blow the bloody doors off we jettisoned a couple of riders out the back. I stayed with them and thankfully knew where we were headed. Nitemare was on good behaviour and came back to give me a hand. That got us to Ballinderry where we split with the Lites heading for Moira.

Possibly after reading how badly I was going yesterday, more people than expected hitched their wagon for a full run, making a solid group of ten. The route was nothing original but Nitemare's whistles kept us rolling through and along to the sign of last week's encounter with a JCB. Our own Digger kept calm, but when we split again he showed his hidden fury and ripped it up into Lurgan. A few guys took the lanes into Oxford Island letting the others stretch their legs the slightly longer way.
After coffee we took the tried and trusted Route 9 back through Moira to Lisburn. After two guys opted for the main road home, the frisky legs kicked in and the pace heated up. From Lisburn we pointed for Ravarnet, then left on to Waterloo Rd. Not even memories of Abba distracted Retro and he lit it up the climb leaving others to their own personal Waterloo. Regrouped at the top we headed for Carryduff with more attacks up the hills to make sure everyone got a good workout.

Overall it was a great ride with a lot of guys making a big step up and showing they've had a good winter. Ride of the day is a tie between Sean and Ressurection. I don't know what Sean had for lunch, but I gotta get me a slice!!!!


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