Sunday, 15 March 2015

Captain on deck!

"Captain on deck!" - this mornings route was inspired by three things. First and foremost was an East wind making that the ideal direction. Second was a mid-week conversation with a young lady who had never heard of the Strangford Ferry and third was the line of salutes I received when rolling up at Forster Greens (unnecessary, but I did kinda liked it....).

Probably due to Mothers Day duties, Derek C was the lone rider looking a Lite run. It was a shame, but my best suggestion was to sit in for a bit and hope for the normal turn out next week. Judging by his Strava link he did a great route and good training.

We all took the carriageway over to Knock then out the Upper Newtownards Rd and up Bradshaw's Brae. Through Ards then straight down through Greyabbey and Kircubbin towards Portaferry. Everyone was warned that things would light up towards the end and with 4 miles to go the order went out to "let slip the dogs of war" (we know Shakespeare - who knew!). Nitemare duly threw it down the block and we were off. At the end of a solid workout, Nitemare and Digger showed they're on good form, but a few others aren't far behind despite a mixture of summer and winter bikes.

I can never remember the name of the coffee shop in the courtyard, but it hit the spot and no-one refused the 20% cyclists discount. They were even good enough to give Bones some tape to repair his mudguard (shame his technical ability let him down). We eventually prised Granda Nitemare from his rocking chair and hopped on the ferry.

Once on the other side the pace was pretty relentless across to the Quoile Bridge, then through Annacloy and Kilmore. After Listooder word went out again that it was every man for himself into Saintfield and again Nitemare and Digger showed their form. Most of us took the Killynure Rd back to Carryduff, draining the last bit of go juice out of some legs.

Overall it was a great day out. Bones is learning to turn the big ring and Lanterne rode out of his skin to hold the pace all day - chapeau! One of those days were everyone got everything out, but somehow we still kept it together.


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