Saturday, 7 March 2015

Dying on my Arse

This morning was strangely warm as we headed out into a strong west wind. I was totally overdressed, but that alone didn't justify what I'll technically call "dying on my arse" - just one of those days. We climbed up past Purdysburn village and over to Drumbo. We worked our way over to Boardmills, then past the lakes towards Ballynahinch.
As we swung towards Bailies Mills, I decided I'd be better off turning off early, but Bones, Digger and The Jam Thief wouldn't let me off that easy! Instead we called at Bar Retro in Hillsborough for Nitemare to indulge his marshmallow fetish.
The way home was pretty direct. Again, not having the brains I was born with I helped drive up the pace, then blew spectacularly on the climbs - all part of the fun. Thanks to the guys for waiting for me. Just what the doctor/dentist ordered. Bones and Digger looked the part in their new winter kit, but spot the deliberate mistake on one of their kits - I suspect Bioracer will have it sorted in no time.


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