Saturday, 21 March 2015

Let my baby ride

Castlereagh definitely attracts a certain type of bike rider. I don't know where it's written down, or how people know, but we are very lucky to have a great bunch of down to earth and plain likeable members. Idiots yes, but the nice kind of idiot....
The photos tell the story better than I can, so I'll just give you the highlights. We all headed to Ballyclare, only splitting before Doagh to offer two routes in. The Beast is a Beast - he rode a full run on a mountain bike that cost less than some people's sunglasses! Nitemare won the Blue Steel competition hands down - I wish I had video to capture the full head whip - I almost pee'ed. Snake Hips goes heavy on the jam and isn't afraid to ask a girl for what he wants - great to have him back on a bike. The Terminator made the right call to head north. Nick picked a good day for his first ever group ride and gets the ride of the day award by miles. Bones is finally learning what the big ring is for. Pots has an upstairs - who knew?!
I'm sure there was plenty more I can't remember, but overall a good laugh in the sunshine with good friends. Today's musical recommendation in honour of our loop from Doagh is RL Burnside, as requested by Snake Hips try "Let my baby ride" for an uptempo number. ‪#‎dontblowyourbiscuits


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