Sunday, 1 March 2015

SPRING is in the Air

All my organisational mojo got used up yesterday, so today I made the classic mistake of missing the mothership. I didn't miss it by minutes, thanks to the wonders to painkillers and beer (I only had 3! ‪#‎lightweight‬) I missed it by an hour.... Nitemare had told me the plan for Team Castlereagh was to head for Oxford Island, so Team Co-Codamol (powered by Peroni) took off in the same direction. I never found them, but I accidentally found that a 3 1/2 hour solo ride is the perfect cure for anyone suffering from post-race organisation stress disorder - it's a real thing. Nitemare kindly did this report in the absence of Hannibal or me - he even added the pretty picture collage!
SPRING is in the Air!!!
Well the first day of Spring has arrived and the lites and fats amalgamated into a yoghurt!!!! Despite the fairly reasonable weather (except the force 10 wind) only 9 little Spring “flowers” turned out at Forster Green. I believe some may still have been hibernating after our successful John Moore Memorial Race yesterday, confirmed by a groggy phone conversation with one “Spring Onion” who was still in the land of zzzzzzzzzzzz!!!
We headed for Oxford Island a fav for SW winds and by Lisburn some of the Lites decided wisely to plough their own route … hopefully they had a good days training and I know they can manage a heavier pace with a few weeks of steady training! That left 6 of us to move steadily into the wind via Upper and Lower Ballinderry and then towards Lurgan via Aghagallon and Aghalee.
It was here that we came across road works with the road completely dug up and where one little flower tried to get back underground and ended up in the trench dug for the new water main!!! DOH!! No serious injuries except to new club kit and a few scratches to his bike!! L
After excellent scones at Oxford Island our route homeward took on a “lumpier” profile!!! Off through Lurgan, Waringstown, Donaghacloney and up along Ballygowan Road we ended up in Hillsborough ... by now some “flowers” were beginning to wilt as the terrain took its toll but we stuck together like a fine wee bouquet and headed off towards Carryduff … here the bold “weed” (J) wound up the pressure and the bouquet was strewn across the Co. Down countryside like petals in the wind …!!!
It all regrouped with a few less petals but still shining in the early Spring sunshine … 65 miles of steady pedalling and a great day to blow off the winter blues … onwards and upwards folks!!!


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