Sunday, 26 April 2015

Axl was just rocking

After a night of rain, we could only hope for better and we got it. Digger rocked up in racing form, Sean was rocking his new bike and calf muscles (check out the photos) and the newly christened Axl was just rocking.
My job was just to sort out a route and given that there was only a small group and no innocents, I thought we'd take in some same but different roads. After crossing the carriageway we flicked left through Milltown and Ballylesson to the foot of Fort Rd. I thought I was climbing okay until our resident minstrel came past singing Val Doonican hits (is that an oxymoron?). From there we went through Drumbo then past Duneight to Ravarnet and Culcavey.
On a notion I cut off the Moira Rd on to Artifinny Rd, then Kilwarlin Rd and St Johns Rd, all helping Axl's climbing tally. Mazeview Rd probably wasn't the smartest call and dumped us on to the A1 hard shoulder for a mile or so, before we ducked back in to Grove Rd and round to Dromore. In Scooby Doo style I would've got away with the 30's if it wasn't for a pesky dog - next time. Once Axl had his tea (everyone has an addiction), we headed straight to Ballynahinch with digs flying in from everyone all the way (some were more successful than others).
I didn't think any one would moan if we took a lumpy road home and introduced the troops to Ballylone Rd leading on to Drumconnell Rd and in to Saintfield. Just to make sure the tanks were empty we took the Killynure Rd back to Carryduff and after an incident with a clothes basket, the others disturbed my usually gentle tootle home along the Cadger and Beechmount Roads.
Good craic, good training and a new nickname, what more could you want on a Saturday morning. Shout out to Brian and Nitemare enjoying the Mallorcan sun. Hope Nitemare is well creamed up (saddle and sun) for the 312 today

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