Sunday, 19 April 2015

cruising in the sun

Summer's here along with tons of new kit. Today was a pretty casual run in the sun, out to our favourite Saturday haunt of Wacky Dave's. There was an optional session on the road home, but only a couple of takers. What did we learn along the way.... We learnt that Hannibal now has a super cool navy helmet that perfectly fits his bizarrely small head (or maybe just doesn't fit my bizarrely large noggin). We learnt that Bones now has fluro green shoes and quads - definitely... getting stronger. We learnt that for Brian, it is about the bike and the bike fit - looking lean and low on his new ride. We learnt that Noel is a long way from Dunloy, but knows weekend rides should be sociable (which it was). We learnt that Marks getting stronger and doesn't need to worry about hanging with the big dogs - must be the new shoes. And finally we learnt that Retro can't attack because he's "just put on my gilet!". Good fun, good friends, cruising in the sun. Looking like pros - halfway there....


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