Friday, 17 April 2015

One Brave Soul, Martin!

After a week in Mallorca with Nitemare and friends, the sleet and rain this morning was not the welcome home I wanted. If it wasn't for the prospect of a few new riders I probably would've just stayed in bed. As it was, when I rolled up at Forster Green there was only one brave soul - Martin, waiting to try out the Castlereagh experience.
The weather was truly miserable, so I suggested we just make it a short one with no stop. And so we did a wiggle through Saintfield, Darragh Cross, Raffrey and Ballygowan. As we rolled back towards Belfast the blues skies appeared (not quite as deep as Mallorca), so anyone who held off til later will get a decent ride. For me it's Paris Roubaix listening to my breakfast buddy of the last week commentating.
Well done Martin for a solid first ride - stretch them, don't break them....


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