Sunday, 26 April 2015

Shoe Envy

Had a bit of a scare today, when I suffered shoe envy and for a split second wondered if I was a girl (sorry!), but fairly soon normal red blooded service resumed. Other than that, things couldn't have worked out better, despite the complications of trying to balance 3 routes and a few riders needing home early.
We all rolled up the Saintfield Rd, less Chef who suffered an early mechanical. After Temple, 4 riders (Quintana, Philip, David and Martin) took a direct route for Castlewellan, while the rest of us turned right on to Creevytenant Rd and in to the hills. Everyone heard the health warning and knew what they'd signed up for....kinda.
Top Gear and his friend (sorry, my memory is terrible for names) turned for Ballynahinch and home, while the rest of us climbed Bawn Hill Rd and then turned right on to Begny Hill Rd. I'd guess the clue is in the road names - they aren't easy roads. From Dromara, we headed out the Rathfriland Rd. Anyone that knows it, knows the hills are relentless - nothing major, but the repetition pulls your legs out even without turning on to Dree Hill, Legananey or Windy Gap (we'll introduce them some other time). Big G turned at the top, leaving the rest of us to descend into Moneyslane.
There we split again, with Lanterne guiding first timers Jeremy and James left for Castlewellan. That left 6..... Retro was a bit concerned, that we were planning to gothrough Kilkeel without stopping (Kilcoo, not Kilkeel), but we told him just to pedal - they don't pick us for our brains or looks.... With no risk of collateral damage and about 13 miles to coffee, the changes were called thick and fast, lining things out for the 30's in Rathfriland. After a quick regrouping, the hammer went down again all the way to Castlewellan. Digger took both 30's, with Bones getting in the mix (we reckon he'll be pinning on a number by August).
When we arrived at Urban, everyone was there which reinforced its all one club. Rather than hang about, the Lite and Semi-Skimmed options saddled up together. If it wasn't for Lanterne having a slight mechanical I don't think we'd have seen them again, and even then it was only in Carryduff! The 6 full fats worked well together, with standout performances from Digger, Bones and Hannibal, making sure everyone got home with the needle on or close to empty.
Not exactly warm, but sunny, dry and fingers crossed 16 riders all got what they needed with good few laughs along the way. I did


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