Sunday, 10 May 2015

the value of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes!

Never underestimate the value of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes! This morning a 3 hour training ride in a "fasted state" sounded like a great idea (the theory is your body will burn more fat). 4 miles from home when the lights went out and I went out the back it didn't feel so smart..... Live and learn.
Hannibal and Retro are off sunning themselves, and with Nitemare missing in action there was a rumour today might have been an easy one - no chance. Eight of us rocked up at Forster Green including Snake Hips who made it clear he wouldn't last the distance. The wind was North West so it gave an opportunity to do something a little different. The only downside was that the major climbing would come early.
The route below explains it better than I will, but basically from the top of the Glen Road we pressed the turbo button and with assistance from Sgt Major Resurrection the seven remaining riders hit it hard across to Stoneyford and Glenavey. Bones was on home turf and introduced us to Pigeontown Rd, which took us across to Ballinderry Lower and Aghalee. A new left on me, took us towards Moira station and then into the bottom of the town.
Between a few 30's and whipping up the pace everyone was getting a good workout and was ready for coffee at The Fat Gherkin (thank you to whoever told me about it recently?). Noel and Bones were enjoying the speed work, so I reckoned Route 9 would keep it going across the race course and all the way to Sprucefield.
Axl doesn't know any Abba songs, but it didn't slow him and Sean up Waterloo Rd - the only mercy was I was too far behind to hear him singing. As a special bonus we took Gardners Rd to totally drain the legs, before pointing for Carryduff at which point my tank hit empty.
Ride of the day goes to Mark W who is head and shoulders above where he was a couple of months ago. Apologies for the sparse photos, but by the end I wasn't fit. Thanks to everyone for a great morning out.


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