Sunday, 14 June 2015

A Game of Three Halves

Today was a game of three halves.... I'm the last person who should be writing this, as after missing the mothership, my half was a solo ride over Starbog Rd, Douglas Top and Big Collin calling briefly at The Battery for a coffee.

Piecing together Derek's video, photos, Strava links and an on the road phone call with Digger, it sounds like the other two halves also went north.

From the look of the soup, I reckon the main group got to the Halfway ,, while Retro and Digger went on to Glenarm,, also indulging in soup and scones, before turning inland and chasing me over the Collin.

Here's Derek's video although personally there is only so much Castlereagh ass I want to see!!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine, as much as me (pass the after sun....).


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