Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bring Out the Gimp

Bring out the Gimp! Today was one of the most chilled and fun rides I can remember. It seemed to be a magic combination of old friends & new kit, post-race & pre-Fondo legs, sunshine & beer.
Eight of us left Forster Greens with a vague plan to go up Hannahstown Road and somehow to Ballyclare. James and Jonny were out with us for the first time and the Beast was back from his studies. Sean was rocking his new CCC kit, while Hannibal and Digger are just scary fit after a few months racing. Bones was back and also looking strong.
Somewhere near Nutts Corner I punctured and then again a few miles later. Usually that would dampen the spirits, but for some reason we just took it as an excuse for top class banter. My new super tight and shiney long sleeve jersey was likened to fetishwear, hence the "bring out the gimp" line - that's one of the few things I could repeat. Sorted we rode through Doagh to Ballyclare and a fun coffee stop at Pots. Home was back via Doagh and the Longshot.
A few of us decided to pick up our packs for tomorrow's Gran Fondo and discovered (unsurprisingly) that the Italians clearly designed De Rosa's and Cinelli's to hold wine bottles! Thanks to everyone for a super chilled and fun morning out.


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