Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Crying in the Shower

It's great that we're now a big enough club to head off in different directions now and then, but it doesn't mean I don't worry they're safe to let out on their own - by the sound of this report on the Sunday Run and of Snake Hips "crying in the shower" my fears may not be totally misplaced. Sounds like fun anyway.... Thanks to Lee for the write up and pics.
We headed down to Forster Green in anticipation of a big turn out for the Sunday's club run. The weather was much improved from Sat and the sun was almost shining! Chef and myself (Cav) arrived about the same time as David (from now on - Billy G - as he hates the hills!) who was full of beans as he rode from Comber to the start point. Quickly we saw Joe, Jeremy, Brian & Melissa (on her very first club run - well done!) Martin, Phillip, Michael and our very own Retro who was nominated route master.
Now this is where it get gets sketchy - I think we headed north? I know we were on the Antrim road, I seem to remember some trees and then we hit Whitehead! Somewhere along the way Brian and Melissa broke off and went for an early tea. Retro decided 33 miles wasn't enough to deserve a tea stop so he took he group for lap around Island Magee! It got a bit messy when we hit the hills with Billy G and Martin accepting the invitation to turn back to Whitehead for tea. The rest of the gang hit the hilly loop but half way round Chef got a puncture. Thankfully Phillip was on hand with a spare and they got sorted but by then the group had gone so they headed for tea too.
When the hard core group arrived at the old team stop they looked a bit worse for wear! Re assembled the group hit the road for home. A round trip of around 55 to 65 at a good pace with a few hills thrown in made for a great ride.
Thanks to Retro and Phillip for the route guidance - I'm sure they will be glad to have Colin back next week!


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