Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Fabian Gets Down and Dirty

While Jeff and Andrew were competing on the road, our Race Secretary Kyle [aka Fabian] was getting down n dirty with a bit of off-road action at Lady Dixon's. This is his brief report, with a little editing to keep the lawyers away.

Race secretary makes sure no one is left behind - Having enjoyed a bit of mountain biking in recent months I decided that it would be good craic to make the most of my race license and do my home race at Lady Dixon. Over night rain had made the course more slippy than [a slippy thing - Ed]........

I was glad to be relegated to the back of the of the field at the start of the race, you could say this was because the competition was less there, but we all know its because [I like being chased by women - Ed]. Two laps into the three lap race, my lights went out and it was a matter of saving my position on GC. I struggled round only getting lapped once by the S1's which for me was a result, plus I wasn't the last S3! which is an epic result, in fact its 100% improvement on my last MTB race!

Good to be back in CCC colours. Slipping around a field may not be my natural habitat, but it was all good 'clean' fun. The atmosphere at the MTB races is always great and XMTB did a great job marking out the course and keeping everything professional.

Full results and report can be found at:


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