Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Dirtier Dozen

The Dirty Dozen rolled out of Forster Green in relaxed mood. Some of us a little dirtier than others. Big G called circuitous loop round to Dromore through Drumbo and Boardmills. Mark suffered an early rear puncture and then a front just before coffee, but nobody got worked up.
With the Pro in full chill mode and the top floor of Cafe Thyme all to ourselves, stories of the old days flowed. It's amazing how cafe culture has developed in the last few years - our order was a bit more pretentious and diverse than back in the day. Comrade's Tea Club is growing too!
Home was pretty direct using Edentrillick Rd to work back towards Hillsborough and home. Mark got all the bad luck with a 3rd puncture, but given the good weather we just used it as a chance to chat.
Well done Paul on his second club run, a bit of a step up from the last time with just me. Have a good one tomorrow.


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