Sunday, 5 July 2015

Coast to Coast

Right, get the apologies out of the way first.... Two go to Snake Hips - one for the fact that the three photos I took of you on the front up a tough climb, were so dark as to be unusable and two for the emotional upheaval of having to watch your idol crumble right in front of your eyes. The third apology was also connected to my meltdown and is an apology to the general population of Co Down who had to witness my bare chest, as I struggled home, undershirt off and winter Jersey flapping open a la Tommy Voeckler - not pretty....
The guys called a SSE wind, so I set course ESE - close enough. That took us "coast to Coast" down the Peninsula, going through Ards on the way out and Newtownards on the way home (private joke). In honour of our own national treasure, Retro who is on hols, we decided to have coffee courtesy of the National Trust at Mount Stewart.
Really good fun. Bones gets awarded the green jersey, Snake Hips gets the white jersey, Sean gets yellow as Mr Consistent, while I get the red number for big kahunas but not really the legs to make it stick. I'm away to get in a cold bath....


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