Monday, 27 July 2015

Sticking Together for a Soaking

I was hoping my phone would dry out before I did this post so that I could add some photos, but no luck yet - I think that says everything about the weather. Seven of us braved the deluge to meet up at Forster Greens. We offered a separate Lite ride, but given the small numbers and strong wind, it was decided to stick together.
Having watched three weeks of Le Tour I now feel the need to prefix every word with "super" and say "full-gas" at every opportunity, so we set off super-steady across the carriageway to knock and then out the Kings Road. Trying to keep the route super-flat Digger and I sat into the wind across to Comber. No one grumbled about the weather, we were long since super-soaked and no-one could do anything about it. From Comber we kept going to Lisbane, before finally turning right out of the wind.
The road has been resurfaced and took us smoothly towards Ballygowan where Digger, the Beast and me stretched our legs for a few miles. Fair play to Digger for leading it out and still having the super-strength to win. Straight back to Belfast seemed the sensible option and gave Derek, Martin, Tony and Damian about 1hr 45mins training that not many people would have been brave enough to do in pouring rain.
The super-foolish three decided that given we were already soaking, we may as well do some work and so we did an hour of full-gas speed work. Through and off to Saintfield via Carryduff, before swinging left and powering back through Ballygowan - It made a cute butterfly on strava. Well done everyone for braving the elements and well done Tony and Damian for their first rides - it's not always like that!!!!


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