Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Internet Lied

The internet lied - twice! Firstly it said no rain and secondly it promised an open coffee stop in Richhill on a Sunday. The rain put paid to plan A which had been coffee in The Moy, but we'll save that for another time.
Five of us left Forster Green for a long one, although Flashdance quickly advised he would be turning round early. With a strong west wind, Nitemare, Flashdance, Retro, me and Susie (who'll be known for a while as the Gypsy) headed straight up to Carryduff and on to Hillsborough. The wind was tough, but we crossed the carriageway and took the Ballygowan Rd down through Blackskull, working round to Laurencetown and Gilford.
There Michael turned right for home, while the remaining four of us kept on to Tandragee and then Richhill. In increasingly heavy rain we realised I'd been sold a pup and headed to the pub - Lyness's who were at least able to give us a caffeine fix, although seeing the effect it had on Nitemare I'm not sure whether I was glad or not....
We headed on to Portadown and then towards Lurgan, but Retro and the Gypsy were in need of a refuel so we stopped at Costa Coffee on the way. Nitemare and me abstained on the basis we have sufficient reserve tanks (big asses), and the fact that he was talking like a washing machine after one coffee. Home through Moira and straight down the line to Lisburn - Susie gets a medal for digging in, as the pace was pretty strong. Finally a wind down by Hilden and Sandy Lane home enjoying the reappearance of sunshine. Not exactly what I'd planned, but still good fun.


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