Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Saturday 50

I have no idea how Saturday's always seem to come out so close to 50 miles, but it ain't a bad thing. Today Ronan joined Lanterne, Nitemare, Hannibal and me having been recommended by Snake Hips - any friend of Snake Hips is a friend of ours.
I had an idea and asked Nitemare to set course for Moira. The way he chose was pretty direct, with a little detour around the flatlands. The wind was strong, but the five of us were all working through and taking whatever shelter we could from the hedges.
From Moira we turned right on to the Old Kilmore Road and then once over the railway bridge we turned left on to the Kilmore Rd. That was a new one for all of us and took us perfectly into Lurgan on the right side of the tracks. We stopped for coffee and a variety of calorific snacks in lovecoffeeni where Nitemare added to his fan club.
A light shower came on just as we were finishing up, giving Nitemare the excuse (as if he needs one) to suggest the main road home. That meant high speed across to Moira and on to Lisburn, single file with the strong riders taking longer turns to even things out. From Lisburn it was through Lambeg and Ballyskeagh home. Credit to Lanterne, he confessed to seeing stars three times, but set PR's up Purdysburn Rd and Cairnshill Rd just before home! Shows that the work pays off - respect.


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