Saturday, 29 August 2015

6 is the magic number

De La Soul reckoned 3 was the magic number, no more no less, but today it was I reckoned it was 6. A good balance of form riders (Bones & The Beast of Ballymena) and off form riders (Digger making a miraculous recovery from his gruesome injuries & joining the dark side on Campag, and me still a bit short on bodily fluids - don't go there Joe!). Ronan and Comrade were playing it safe, staying under the radar stealth style.
The other change was me rolling on a clean bike - titanium no less, a big thank you to my benefactor for the loan, while I try and resurrect one of mine. The wind was light, so we headed south to Saintfield, then through Kilmore to Annacloy and on to Ballyduggan Mill. Back to Downpatrick and across the Quoile Bridge. Somewhere around there I had to break-up the bromance between Bones and the Brazilian Booty as they were ripping the legs off us. Putting myself between them wasn't the smartest move, but kept things a little calmer.
Left along Scaddy Rd, then a wiggle to Shrigley and on to Clay Rd regular territory for me, but fairly new for some of the guys. We popped out of the Derryboye Rd and lit it up in to Balloo and coffee. Refreshed I offered the choice of flat or rolly and Bones called rolly, making it left and right to take the Saintfield Rd - on google maps it's straight as a die, but bike riders know it's a roller coaster of a road and nearly brought up my carrot cake.
Right on to Carrickmannon Rd and another one of my 20 second attacks launching Bones (the victor), the Beast and Ronan on a 2 mile attack for the Ballygowan 30's. A winding route from there to Moneyreagh and home. I've been doing this so long, sometimes it's good to be around riders, who aren't so blasé about the amazing roads and scenery on our doorstep. A really fun 3 hours. Bones and the Beast were clearly the strongest, but ride of the day goes to Jeff who was amazing given his injuries only 7 days ago!


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