Monday, 3 August 2015

Eight left … four returned!!

Today's report is courtesy of Nitemare. I had places to see and people to do, so I swung home early with Mark and Comrade. I think I'm now Endorphin Boy - just because I was in a good mood!
Eight left … four returned!!
We headed southwards with intentions of Downpatrick via the lanes and by-ways of Co. Down … three left early including “Endorphin Boy” who had been out since dawn …
However, with sun shining and the promise of “Summer” reverting back to normal tomorrow we (I) decided to change tact and we headed across to Castlewellan and Urban Coffee via some “lumpier” (scenic) roads including revisiting the Gran Fondo drag into Castlewellan …
Sean soon had the 1000 yard stare and after coffee we began the climb of Kilnhill Road to the Slieve Croob he was gone … service revolver in hand! That left 4 intrepid pedallers to make use of the tailwind via Dromara and Annahilt … nice of me to give them a recce of next week’s Hilly … see me I’m ALL heart!
With rain looming and blackening skies the last miles soon rattled past … we broke at Ballymacbrennan and I bimbled over the Tullyard home while Retro led the charge back to base!!


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