Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Hilly Warm Up

For a rare nice day it was a surprise to only have four riders. Three of us were signed up for the Dromara Hilly so the plan was to not use up too many biscuits. The route wiggled around our regular turf taking in Saintfield, Darragh Cross and Crossgar, before swinging across to Shrigley. Hostilities broke out on the rollers, but the threat of the War Crimes court in The Hague and a general reminder of the Geneva Convention brought peace.
Up towards Clay Rd then back on to the coast and round to Wacky Daves (long story). I think Lanterne was playing some sort of fruit machine app on his phone and I think he kept hitting the jackpot - either that or time to silence the heart rate monitor....
A quick coffee and a rendition of "Age of Aquarius" from Nitemare complete with dancing, then round the coast and back home via Lisbane and Ballygowan. Nothing too strenuous, but enough to count as training. Lovely to get out in the sunshine.


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