Saturday, 29 August 2015

You Arn't Made Of Sugar

At 8:30 this morning it looked a complete washout, but to quote Sean's friend "you aren't made of sugar" and sure enough by 9:30 it was warm and dry although the roads were soaking and covered in mud and stones.
With only two riders for a Lite run, I suggested we all stick together to Bangor (due to an East wind and the off chance we'd catch Hannibal racing), then I would guide the Lites home. In the end we stayed as one group all the way to Groomsport and Sean, who had an afternoon of celebration ahead also took the short option. The route had taken us along the Kings Rd then up Greengraves and across Bradshaws to the Ballybarnes Rd. Then into Bangor and around the coast.
Retro, Digger and Flashdance turned left, while Sean, Martin, Nicky and me headed inland towards Carrowdore throwing in a few wiggles to keep it scenic to Ards/Newtownards. Sean and I both had things to see and people to do, so with everyone's blessing we just had a garage splash and dash rather than a three course coffee stop.
Home led us up the front of Scrabo and right round to the carriageway where Sean and I could stretch are legs heading home. Something like 2hrs 45 which is a lot better than I expected first thing. Yet again I over did the clothing, so expecting it to be Tuesday before I pee. Hope the other three had a good one.
P.S. doesn't the Strava route look like a pig?! Appropriate given the state of the roads....


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