Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Today was a case of "Making Hay While the Sun Shines". Other cliches and catch phrases heard included "I like convoluted", "I've never ridden a horse", "He needs a good talking to", "He needs a good seeing to", "I keep slipping off the seat", "I need to stop and get more biscuits", "Nitemare Nitemare, where for art thou Nitemare", "She smells nice", "I like spicy, well I thought I did", "This reminds me of Steve McQueen dishing out potcheen", "We have all winter for sitting indoors watching TV" - there were hundreds more that either I can't remember or couldn't repeat in public....
Facebook is playing up again, but the gist was a pretty direct hit on Newcastle where Sam, David, Peter, Mark and Martin stopped for coffee. Determined to make the most of the brilliant weather, the three amigos kept on to Annalong, then via Silent Valley to Attical and up Spelga. Down to Bryansford and across to Castlewellan with Retro scything through some sportive riders at warp speed.
After a laughter filled bowl of soup we headed home along the most convoluted route I could think of. The weather was just too good not to.
A brilliant day out, with pretty much 150k of fun - my longest ride since the fondo. What bikes were made for.


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