Saturday, 19 September 2015

Snake Hips and the Power of Peroni

Today's ride is dedicated to Snake Hips and the power of Peroni. He wasn't even out today, but pretty much the entire route was a consequence of him trying to derail my two weeks of life as a pro last night - he underestimated my stupidity! Before I forget, for almost a year I've been holding on to the misconception that his bike had Di2 gears - I can only assume it was a Derry/Belfast translation issue.
The forecast was poor, but this mornings weather was bright and sunny,making it surprising there were only five riders out. I'd been hoping for a big Lite group to sit behind, but no such luck. Digger, Flashdance, Lanterne, Scotty (the bike and a few Star Trek references) and me rolled up towards Ballynahinch cutting in to the lanes around the lakes working towards the south. Across to Valverde Hill and on to Drumaness. I was dying on the climbs, but when it's self inflicted you just have to dig in and suffer. On towards Brennan's and over the main road to loop round to Seaforde where Lanterne threw it down for the 40's - oopsie....
Right and over to Maghera, with Flashdance swinging off for home. I was feeling worse and worse, but we were all looking out for each other and a line out in to Newcastle seemed to flush the system a bit. We made an important scientific discovery in Niki's - French toast with maple syrup and blueberries officially cures a hangover! Refuelled we climbed to Bryansford, where with my energy returning I came up with a dastardly route home, loosely based on the Dromara Hilly. The climbs of Largy Rd and the Horseshoe brought us over to Leitrim and then round to Slieve Croob and finally over to Spa.
I wasn't aware at the time, but we were on course for Lanterne's second longest ride ever and by far the hilliest - impressive riding. Home was simple via Ballynahinch only stopping briefly for a coke and a smile. A great day out over a tough route which everyone seemed to really enjoy.‪#‎peronipower‬

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