Sunday, 4 October 2015

Deja Vu in Reverse

Today was deja vu in reverse - like last week, a big group heading out steady, then three idiots heading on for more punishment. The plan worked great.
Every week I ask Retro where he wants to go and every week he says Ballymena. Usually a howling south or west wind means I feel I have to crush his dreams, but today I granted his wish. Heading north also meant we could check out and support the Ciclovia event in Belfast. We headed down the Ormeau Rd then down a car free Botanic Ave and Dublin Rd to the city hall. Retro almost got himself tangled in a fishnet but that's another story.
We kept things steady ups the Antrim Rd and along the lanes to Doagh with everyone working through. Steady through Burnside to Tildarg, then left up Big Collin. 

After an acrobatic display from paragliders most of the group stopped at the Misty Burn (Battery) for coffee. Three of us headed on for Broughshane lifting the pace - I'm not a big strava fan, but trophies don't lie. From there we headed to Ballymena for our stop, almost crashing as we passed an open coffee shop in Broughshane - the times they are a changing...
Our route home took us up Doctors Hill and then across to Parkgate and down the main road. We took two minute turns, but each time I came off the front it was a full minute before my eyes could focus on my watch to tell! That brings us to the theme of the day - "If it's not hard, you aren't doing it right!". Everyone got great training today, the Lites doing almost as far as the three amigos, although mercifully at a fractionally lower pace. Well done everyone. Ps good to have the Big Lad back.


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