Sunday, 4 October 2015

Taking Piglet to the Farm

Today we took Piglet to the farm (technically it's also a garden centre and coffee shop, but hey). Thanks to his comment that Sean's calves look like a pair of frozen chickens, we also have a potential new nickname - Monsieur Poulet (a little nod to his recent continental excursion).
The Ards peninsula was Piglets call and I did my best to keep us off the busiest roads. After coffee in Harrison's we eventually had a short pace line stint up the coast to Ards. Digger and Piglet were both on great form and lit it up for every 30 with M. Poulet building his form up too.
Good fun and good training. Oh aye, It was alleged I was taking photos of my own ass (when it was actually a well framed shot of my team mates), so I actually did take one of my ass - big children!


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