Saturday, 21 November 2015

A Seaside Adventure

Arrrggghhhhhh it was a fine day for a seaside adventure, but shiver me timbers it was cold. Four salty sea dogs hoisted the main sail and headed out this morning, but sleet in Ards brought out Stephens sensible head and he walked the plank, leaving First Mate Digger, Captain Ice-Berg and Cabin Boy Skull & Cross-Bones to head on.

We were soon soaking and cold and any thought of setting anchor at a coffee stop went out the porthole. My ad hoc route was probably a bit far for Bones given the weather, but he suffered like a good pirate and once his fingers grow back I'm sure he'll raise one or two to me to show his appreciation.

One of those rides you enjoy more looking back on, than at the time, but sure if you don't wanna suffer, you can always take up golf.



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