Saturday, 28 November 2015

Glory Days

As Retro and Bruce Springsteen have been known to say, "Glory days, pass you by in the blink of a young girls eye". Today we took a wet and windy trip down memory lane to some of the race circuits Castlereagh used to use for club races in our glory days, which we're hoping to use again soon. The side benefit was it kept us close to home.
Comrade, M. Poulet and me decided to aim for about 2 hours with no stop and a few hard efforts. We headed out past Purdysburn and up to the Mealough Road Race circuit. 2 1/2 laps was enough to teach the guys the layout and show them how the wind can change the tactics. Next came the Temple TT circuit, but only after Comrade brought up his breakfast - fair play for not turning home.
By the time we'd done that we decided it was time for home, with one final lash up the hill to Carryduff. Tough, but good work by everyone. If it's too wet and cold for a long ride, may as well make it short and hard.


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