Saturday, 14 November 2015

Rule #80


After some Rule #80 "casually deliberate" lounging, the first official ride from our new meeting spot at Forestside set out under dark skies, but that didn't dampen the spirits. Whether you subscribe to Rule #9 or not, winter riding is good for the soul. Fair play to Derek for offering to take a Lite option, but unfortunately there were no takers this time - build it and they will come.

Saturday's are perfect for mixing it up and taking the road less travelled. On that vein we wiggled over to Drumbo and out towards Hillsborough. The hills were tough, but meant we had our work in the bank. Pretty early on, we agreed to forgo a coffee stop and just aim for 3 hours non-stop. With a mixture of regular and new roads we ended up on the Dromore-Ballynahinch road just as the weather worsened.

A puncture for Scotty took a while to sort meaning the Wookie was shivering despite his hairy ass. We tried to get warm and set a direct course for Ballynahinch and home. Apologies for the poor photography, but given the conditions. Anyway we made it home with about 65k on the clock which isn't as much as usual, but is a lot more than you'd get on the sofa. Fingers crossed for more fun tomorrow.


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