Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Smiles In The Photos Say It All

 The smiles in the photos, say it all. The forecast last week for Sunday was shocking, but the view from my kitchen morning was damp roads but no rain. It did catch up with us at one o'clock but we were well warmed up by then and it didn't last long. The temperature was high anyway, with most of us stopping after 5 miles to strip - not quite the full monty....

Martin was the only rider for a Lite run, but was happy to head out together and turn off. We reciprocated and kept the route reasonably level and the pace calm into a west wind. We seem to have a habit of heading towards the cross races without actually getting to the event - we're generally too early. This time we dropped Martin off in Moira and headed on to Lurgan. Out past Oxford Island and a loop up to Derrytrasna. The point was just to explore some new roads and get a few more miles in before coffee. A few of those miles were done at pace to make sure everyone deserved their grub back at Oxford Island.

We decided on a pretty straight hit home, but me being me we used back roads and threw in a few variations which as planned got us back in good time.

68 miles without getting cold is a cracking result for a day other people might have spent in bed. Mark surpassed himself and got really stuck in. A couple of short sessions (which I spent mostly on Jeff's wheel) also made sure everyone got a bit of quality as well as quantity. It really doesn't take much to make us smile....


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