Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Wookie Speaks

The Wookie speaks (and he's picking up country lingo....).
"Tempo Thursdays" (or CCCTTT, as Darragh has christened it!) Is done and dusted for this week. The weather was fierce mild - not too cold, roads surprisingly dry and the wind not too biting.

Five of us made it out; myself, Sean, Darragh, Derek and Sam. The first lap of the airport road through holywood exchange wasn't too brisk, and we got to work on smoothing out our rotating pace line, with pleasing results.

Loverboy had to disappear after the first lap, so the fantastic four stayed behind and slogged through another lap into the growing wind, this time picking up the pace and taking regular turns in single file.
With a very sneaky last minute change in rules (on my part) the final sprint started from dee street roundabout, finishing at the TQ lights. I went early but didn't have the legs, and it was strongman Sean who sailed past me to take the win. Valiant efforts from all!

Taking a moment to compose ourselves, and while comrade waxed lyrical about the moon, we discussed the night's events. All of us are keen to keep it a regular fixture, and keep working on its current format of drills, with an effort towards the end. I'll be away next week, but hope to see more of you at CCCTTT soon!


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