Sunday, 22 November 2015

Turn on the Lites

"Turn on the Lites!" 
Cold and dry was the forecast...with the exception of a very brief shower, it held true. Five riders, wrapped up tightly in bioracer's finest, huddled together at forestside looking for some lite action; myself, Derek, Joe, Sam and Mark. With heavyweights Digger and Berg also in the mix, it was decided to stick together, but keep the pace comfortable for all. Cruising over the rolling hills along the Killynure road, we arrived in Saintfield in record time. Straight through and on towards Balloo, the hills got a little meaner, but it was a chance for Digger and Bullet to stretch the legs out, punishing themselves on the hills but waiting to regroup at the top every time. 

The heavyweights opted for an extra loop and Bullet headed home early while the rest of us fought for bike parking space at Daft Eddies. There, it was with glee that we realised Castlereagh 's long term goal of world domination is well underway; a Kaners rider was sporting a castlereagh/tour of the glens cap!

Refreshed, we RV'd with the heavyweights and headed back towards Comber, encountering Neil "el pistolero" Smith on the way. Derek and I took a brief detour to test our legs on Bradshaw 's Brae, but met up with the others again at Ormeau park to cheer on Hannibal as he tackled the extremely technical CX race route and finished high up in the pack. Congrats!

All in all, a great day out. There will be another lites run next Sunday, and we hope to have a few more along.


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