Sunday, 20 December 2015

Four Hangovers and Partridge in a Peartree

"Four Hangovers and Partridge in a Peartree". While the youngsters slept off the night before, the men of maturity went for an immature spin to jog the hazy memory of Nu Dehli and The Perch. Lee was at Forestside to catch Mark roll up first, followed by Phillip, then the Ghost of too many Christmas's past. Hannibal and Digger rolled up last, looking so bad it made me feel good!
The wind didn't let us take it as easy as we'd like - it's bad when you're giving it full gas up the Saintfield road and barely hitting double figures - it's worse when those figures are in kph.... We reckoned we wouldn't get coffee til after 11, so the third most popular plan (after go home or sleep under a hedge) was to do a 90 min spin to Hillsborough. Man it was hard.

Bar Retro looked after us as always and we even got a belated text from Retro who'd missed the mothership. With a good feed and a strong tailwind we shot back towards Carryduff and home. Thanks to everyone for the company and the laughs. Merry Christmas!


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