Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Iceman Cometh

"The Iceman Cometh" - the 500yd walk from my house to the nearest gritted road told me all I needed to know this morning (I'm nuts) - we were headed to the coast, sticking to main-ish roads especially on the way out. At Forestside we had a mixture of people who live low enough not to have seen the ice, and the idiots who saw it and ignored it.
Four of us rolled across the carriageway and out the main road to Ards. Retro was talking about a coffee stop in Greyabbey and we set that as our target - I should've smelt a rat, when his description didn't fit the ones I knew.... For Martin and David's sake we kept the pace steady, but when a North Down rider came past it was like a red rag to a Retro and before you knew it, three of us were banging through gulping down cold air. I was hugely impressed by Martin and David who hung on brilliantly.

At Greyabbey we pulled in so Retro could figure out he'd mixed up Greyabbey and Kircubbin.... We quickly came up with a plan that Retro and me would recreate the old days round to Kircubbin, while the others had coffee in The Villager.

Off the leash Retro hit it hard round to Katch 27 in Kircubbin, where we grabbed a quick cuppa. Back to Greyabbey where the guys raved about the bacon sarnies. Single file back to Ards, the up Bradshaws and home. About 75k in a bit under 3hrs, not bad considering the conditions.


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