Sunday, 6 December 2015

They're behind you

"They're behind you!" - almost every ride with Retro is a pantomime, so as a seasonal special we took him to the coffee stop that loved him so much, they named it after him. They even gave him a sandwich so big he had to ask for volunteers to finish it. To say thanks he unleashed some of his smoothest lines....
The day started with Derek calling by on his cross bike and Mike almost missing the bus being even later than me. No one had any big ambitions and with a strong WSW wind we reckoned we'd stick together. Using a mixture of less taken roads and a few regulars in reverse, we made our way out to Lisburn, Moira and on to Aghagallon. From the far side we swung back and through Magherlin to Orange Lane.
Digger and Scotty we're loving the climbs around Redhill, Mike and Lanterne maybe felt differently, but everyone was happy to get in to the warmth of Bar Retro. Refreshed we took a pretty direct route home. Great weather and some good efforts from the cast. Just what we needed after being blown around recently. 


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