Saturday, 16 January 2016

Kudos all round today!

Kudos all round today!

Kudos to Stephen who put out some serious wattage and did a great ride, despite being off the bike for a few weeks and suffering with a sore shoulder.

Special kudos to Bonafide Badass Peter, who upheld rule #9 for the second consecutive week by braving weather which made more sensible riders cower behind their turbo trainers. He also set a new personal distance record on the way, on a ride bookended with two ascents of Bradshaw 's Brae no less!

Final kudos to Bergmeister, who takes photos worthy of Alison Webster every week, with apparent ease. As I found out today, it's pretty difficult!

Other special mentions go to Lee, who took a break from work to say hi outside Forestside, and to Jeremy, who was spotted running near Ballyholme.

With the threat of ice and light showers, the three of us decided to play it safe and stick to low lands, coastal and main roads where we could. The result was a jaunt out to Donaghadee via Ards and back again, with a couple of small hills and a mini 3-up TT on the way. No coffee stop today as we wanted to get home quick but fun was had by all and, most importantly, we all stayed safe.

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