Sunday, 10 January 2016

Let off the Lease

Even with the photographs, with so many riders out and me feeling sleepy I'm struggling to remember who all was out.... Best I can recall we had Retro, Digger, Bones, Flashdance, the Terminator, Ressurrection, Poulet, Lanterne, David, Michael and me.

We left Forestside promptly and set off south west in to the wind. We used the first few miles out to Temple to see how people felt and it wasn't all good news. Ian suggested a Lite run to Dromore, although I couldn't name an open coffee shop there on a Sunday. The group stayed together across to Bailies Mills but splintered a little on the rolly stuff after Ballykeel. Credit to David who stuck to the mothership like a limpet.

That was the signal to split the group and 5 of us got a 10 second head start on to Edenticullo Rd. There's a strange phenomenon when the group splits, but basically the riders who are "let off the lease" go a bit nuts. Sometimes it last 10 mins, sometimes it lasts 2 hours, but I've learnt there is nothing I can do to control it, all I can do is hang on.... Unfortunately Flashdance didn't have a working big ring and a high speed race towards Drumlough did for him.

That left 4 of us hammering towards Kinallen, Gail Bog Rd, Flough Rd and Drone Rd - lumpy stuff and Bones was on fire. Digger picked up injury and was looking pale by the time we stopped in Banbridge, but he's made of strong stuff and was determined to get home under his own steam. Conversation turned to Kelly's Heroes, with our own Oddball telling our Morriarty "enough of the negative waves!" - at least no-one had lost their sense of humour. After a top quality bacon bap, we saddled up and hit for home.

Despite hard roads and a good pace Digger dug in (there's more than one reason for the nickname) and we rapidly reached Dromore. On to Edentrillick Rd and a sweep through Annahilt and back similar roads to the way out.

Hopefully the Lite run was as much fun, we couldn't have asked for much more. Well done Michael on his first ride and to David who is really progressing. Hopefully Digger is feeling better and Comrade who wasn't with us recovers quickly from an encounter with wildlife.

Edit - sorry, sleepy head. I meant to say congrats to Roger, Glenn and all the other friends of the club including Miss T and MTB Girl competing at the Irish National Cycling Championships in Tollymore. Huge congrats.

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