Saturday, 3 December 2016

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, please can we have:
- A book on group riding (preferably with pictures).
- Campagnolo Pyjamas for Nitemare.
- A Campagnolo Chorus Groupset for me (may as well ask just in case).
- A Christmas Jumper. Oops, scrub that, we have one.
- A sense of direction, make that ten.
- A book on physics including Newton's 17th Law - an object moving the same speed as the object that dropped them, will not close the gap and will be more bolloxed from riding in to the wind making it more likely they'll get dropped again.
- Women. We could really do with diluting the testosterone.
- A hug for Bones, he misses us.
- Liposuction.
- Die Hard and It's a Wonderful Life on DVD.
- A sexy secretary outfit for Poster Boy.
- A wee ring for Digger.
- Anything dirty for Phat Steve - he likes off road.
- A Pogues CD.
- A toolbox for Hannibal, he knows, sorry has a lot of tools.
- A bank loan to pay for coffee in certain establishments (coffee and a brownie £6:40).
- Anything Movistar for Resurrection.
- Mudguards.
- The concept of Self-Preservation for Retro, or failing that a never ending supply of toffee pops.
- Tea Bags for Comrade.
- A day off for Snake Hips and a signed photo of the day he dropped me.
- Sunshine.
- A sack of coal.
- An idiots guide to camera settings.
Many thanks and Merry Christmas,
Castlereagh CC
Feel free to add to the list.


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